The hyena

alina noir (123)

She knew that I would do anything for her, that my love and obedience were limitless. We used to live in the country side back then, as she had all these strange ideas about personal development and reconnection to nature. We even had a small garden, mind you, we cultivated mostly flowers, but also some strawberries and courgettes.

Not far away from where we lived, there was a cemetery where a hyena lived. She told me one morning:

“I saw there is a fig tree in that cemetery, why don’t you go and bring me some figs? I could bake a tart tonight.”

I asked: “And what shall I do about the hyena?”

She answered teasingly: “If she attacks you, tie her up and bring it here.”

Later that morning, I went to the cemetery, to pick the fruit. After a quarter of an hour maybe, the hyena came out of her hiding and attacked me. But I was faster than her (my body was lean and strong, because of all those vegan tarts and daily yoga practice with which my lover used to thoughtfully persecute me) so I caught her.

“My lover told me I am to tie you up and bring you home to her.”

She was waiting for me on the terrace, anxious and uneasy. When she saw me bringing the hyena on a rope, her face was filled with wonder, but she wanted to humiliate me, so she looked at me with despise, and yelled:

“Fool, why did you bring a stupid dog here?” and she let the hyena go.

Inspired by a story in “The Sayings of the Desert Fathers”