Twelve shells

alina noir (174)

Once my lover wanted to surprise me pleasantly with his musical skills, and invited me for a walk on the beach. The sky was low and heavy with thunders, but we didn’t feel menaced by the approaching storm, and it wasn’t yet raining. The air was warm and smelling like seaweed, the tide was not too high.

He told me: “Choose twelve shells brought by the waves to the shore, the ones you like best. Join me when you found them all.” He then continued his walk, and left me behind to choose the shells.

When I found them all, I ran to him and showed him what I found.

He took them from my hands one at a time, and blew each in a different pitch. When he finished with one shell, he would threw it back in the ocean, but the echo lingered on, so at the end all the twelve different whistles produced an orchestral echo sound like a set of chimes, every note flawlessly pitched and clear.

Inspired by Pu Songling