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When I was in school, mathematics, and especially geometry, fascinated me. It was a difficult subject, and I wasn’t good at it (though, in retrospect, of course I wasn’t, compared to my classmates, out of whom one went on to teach Ordinary Differential Equations at Princeton, and another works as a statistician for Microsoft) and I didn’t understand much of its abstract utility, but visually it appealed to me. All the equations looked like phrases from a strange language (because all rules are absurd when you don’t understand them), and, in an environment where soviet realism had annihilated all other forms of art, the geometrical figures were elegantly minimalist and conceptual. I used to do collages out of my study books… maybe this explains my bad results.

Though I was struggling hard to keep pace with my colleagues, I never became a mathematician, but I’m still as fascinated by geometrical forms. Nowadays, in my studio, I’m back to the basics. I’m creating shapes out of my models’ bodies, and this habit anchors my practice. There is no scientific basis to this, just reminiscences of a feeling that there is a certain kind of exterior order in the universe, and in our everyday actions.